New Tricks!

I sent an email to Aunt Megs last night and realized just how many cool things the boys are doing these days.

Jacob is just about completely potty trained. He still sleeps in a diaper, but that's just to make life easier for us for now. I think they put him in a pull up for nap time, too, at school. He has also learned how to dress himself...almost completely. He can put on everything except his shirt by himself. He gets scared when he's putting his shirt over his head. I love it how he is so proud of himself every day when he dresses and undresses himself. Jacob sang his ABC's almost perfectly the other night, too! He even said the "L M N O P." I was so proud of him, so I gave him some candy. And they are teaching the kids how to count to 15 at school. He's getting pretty good at that, too. I love to watch him count things around the house.

Andrew isn't crawling yet, but he's getting closer. He will sit in the living room forever and play by himself while we get ready in the morning and entertaining Jacob. There is such a difference in the play habits between the two boys. Jacob wants our attention all the time, but Andrew is content sitting up where he can see everyone with a ton of toys in front of him. He has cut 2 teeth and literally has another 5 or 6 working their way in. He has mostly good days, but we definitely have bad nights with those teeth. He wakes up about once in the night to eat (another bullet we need to bite and just deal with his crying). He has started to refuse any solid foods except rice cereal. We think the teeth may be playing a part in that, too. So last night, Brian was trying to feed him, and he would just pierce his little lips. So Brian put the spoon on the high chair tray just to see what Andrew would do. He picked up the spoon and put it right in his mouth (yes, there was food on the spoon)! He did this several times before he was done. And then, of course, he would not eat any more solid food. Andrew also likes to wave these days. He will just randomly stick out his hand, and twist it back and forth. I even saw him do it to a little stuffed animal the other day. Friendly little guy!

Both boys play pretty well together. Andrew has begun to throw little fits when I won't let him play with something that he really wants. I can't believe he knows how to do that this early (he'll be 7 months old tomorrow)! I've been bringing down toys that Jacob liked when he was Andrew's age. And it amazes me that Jacob still loves each of those toys. I'm not sure if it's the toy he likes or if it's that he just doesn't want Andrew to play with it just yet. It's probably a little bit of both.


Mary Holloway said...

Pretty sure it's that he doesn't want Andrew to play with the toy...and it gets worse...way worse. Blythe could care less about trucks or books about trucks, but if she sees Ethan eye it, she'll grab it like it's her favorite thing.

Unknown said...

It's possible Andrew learned all about fits from Jacob.