Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving week did not go as expected, but in the end it was great! Brian wasn't feeling well the Friday before Thanksgiving. So he went to the doctor and got these killer prescriptions that totally knocked him out. Andrew was sick and not sleeping well starting Friday night. He didn't start sleeping even close to normally until the night before Thanksgiving.

Saturday before Thanksgiving, Jacob spent the night with my parents. He had a blast! They bought the boys these cute little John Deere boots, too. Jacob was so excited about his new boots, and he was completely refreshed after spending a night away from home.

Since Andrew was sick, Brian was unable to get much rest during the week. He had taken the week off from work, so it was a no-brainer that he would keep Andrew and I could go to work. By Wednesday, he was completely wiped out! I took Andrew to the doctor on Wednesday and the nurse confirmed that he had an ear infection.

Thanksgiving Day was great! We started the day at Grandmother's house with Antonio, Emily, and Sirius. Then we headed over to Steve's house. We watched the Cowboy game over there, and Jacob wore his Tony Romo jersey. He told us several times that he was Jacob Romo. Here is a picture of the boys' turkey shirts. We made one for Jacob for his first Thanksgiving, and I thought he would want to make one when he saw Andrew making one.

On Friday we started putting up our Christmas tree. On Sunday we actually finished. I had the best weekend with my boys! I cannot remember exactly what we did except make a trip to Costco and Target, but we had a lot of fun around the house. Jacob's new favorite song is "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." He especially likes the Kids Bop version and wants to hear it over and over again in the car. He sings it all the time!

Andrew is starting to get really clingy. I love and hate this stage. It is so cute how he is all over me, but I can barely leave the room. I'm just happy I don't have to take him back to school tomorrow.

Jacob wrote his name this morning. This is the closest I've seen him come yet. Go Jacob!

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