Happy Birthday Andrew!

I cannot believe that Andrew is 3!  Where has the time gone?  You know, I say that, but I think I've enjoyed Andrew more than I did Jacob at the age of 2.  Andrew was a baby during that time, so it kind of makes sense...or at least makes me feel less guilty. 

Anyway, Andrew keeps us all on our toes around the house.  He always has a smile on his face unless he is throwing a fit.  Even then he can't keep the act up.  He's just a naturally happy kid!  He enjoys being the funny one.  It's like he knows he is cute, and if he can make people laugh, too, then he really can have/do anything he wants.  It's scary how much he gets that. 

Andrew knows his colors very well!  His teacher also tells me that he is the first to name the month and day of the week every single day in class.  He participates in class, but sometimes he does not like the art assignment.  He seems to have a hard time with sudden transitions, too.  We've noticed that if we set a timer and give him a few minutes warning that we are going to do something different, he tends to handle that better.  Otherwise we end up with a major meltdown.  And let me tell you, this kid is dramatic.  We are comletely into the full body throw downs when things don't go his way.  It's a fun age!

Andrew LOVES to eat!  He is not picky at all, and I love it!  He really likes chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, chips and salsa (def my boy), and bread.  Loves his carbs! 

Andrew also plays well with his brother and plays well by himself.  He really is a pretty laid back kid.  He's more high strung than Jacob, but all in all, he's laid back.  He likes to talk you through it all.  Jacob will beg for you to play with him, but Andrew just wants you to know what he's up to.  He has always used his voice more than Jacob.  I used to know he was about to fall asleep when he would start to sing with me at bed time.  He was SO little when he started doing that. 

Andrew is my little miracle child in my mind.  I really thought I had lost him right after I found out I was pregnant.  I mean, I was very surprised to find out I hadn't.  Then his birth was a little more difficult, and of course more dramatic than Jacob's.  And I had a little bit of a hard time in the hospital in the days following his birth.  But you know, he and I are so close!  He actually seems to care (or puts on a great act) when I tell him I'm disappointed in his behavior or when he is in trouble for something.  For Brian, he just stares him down. 

Andrew loves to use his imagination!  I honestly believe we could get by in the house with minimal toys.  He and Jacob are constantly creating different scenarios.  These days, they revolve around police officers, firemen, and ambulances. 

He also really enjoys his books!  The other night he was reading to me in his own little way.  He was pointing to the pictures and telling me what was going on.  It was so fun!

I'll post pictures after tomorrow's Egg Hunt.  Happy Birthday to my sweet Andrew! 

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