Update on Baby #2

About a week ago, I got really fired up about something at work. My blood pressure shot up and I was completely pissed off at our new telecommunications vendor. It made my back really sore, and I knew that once I went to bed and got up Saturday morning, it would all feel better. Yeah...not so much. I have been miserable since then! So I realized Saturday morning that the baby had probably dropped. I've been paying more attention to his movement, and I have not felt him in my rib cage at all like I had. He has not been anywhere near my rib cage! So then I was completely worried all weekend about going into labor early (I thought you were only supposed to overreact like that during your first pregnancy). I decided to get one of those abdominal belts to hold everything up, and it has helped a lot with my discomfort.
So yesterday I had an appointment to see my doctor. Of course, he acts like this is nothing at all to worry about. Yesterday was a very uncomfortable day for me, so his cheery attitude was just annoying. I usually find it uplifting and I feel great when I walk out of there. We chose the date of April 10 to do a c-section, but I honestly don't think he'll wait that long. Jacob came 3 weeks before his due date. My doctor told us a couple of months ago that that really doesn't mean much for this pregnancy, but yesterday he told me this one would probably come early since the last one did.
We are getting closer to a name, too! We're pretty sure the first name will be Andrew. We've been kicking around a couple of middle names.
Jacob has become much more interested in the baby recently, too! He likes to pat my tummy and say, "Baby." He has also taken an interest in one of his stuffed animals.
Here is a picture of my boys playing on the computer. Jacob loves Baby Smash, and now whenever he sees Brian on the computer he insists on playing it. I love this picture!

I had been trying to take candid shots, and then Jacob looked up and said, "cheese!" So here's a posed picture.


A few Hicks said...

Can we get an arrival date pool going?! I think Andrew and his mama could possibly share the same birthday... but I'm putting my money on March 26th.

Oh - and assuming we get an early arrival and ya'll are able to make it, I'm offering my services as videographer/playmate/diaper bag holder/tickle monster at Easter!

aichiba said...

Love the name Andrew! Can't wait to meet this one and see if he looks just like his big brother.