Potty Training

I swear, the best tool for potty training is an idol. Matthew was in Red Oak when we visited last weekend. On Saturday morning, he and Jacob were sitting at the breakfast table waiting patiently for Grandma Rose and Papa to finish cooking. Matthew got up from the table, said he had to go potty, and went into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. As soon as he returned, Jacob started to get down from his seat, and he announced to the room that he had to go potty. So I started to go into the bathroom to help him, and he quickly escorted me back out and closed the door behind me. He wanted to do it by himself just like Matthew! So I watched him thru the keyhole in the door. He pulled his pants down just fine, but he could not figure out the diaper. So I watched him work on it for a minute and then asked if he needed help. Of course, he said yes, so I helped him. He didn't do anything on the potty, but he was so proud of himself for sitting on it and trying! He did this about 2 more times that day, and he's been excited to sit on the potty ever since we got home. He hasn't been this interested in the potty since Andrew has been born. Let's hope he keeps it up! Go Jacob!

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