Will It Ever Stop?!?!

I've been so excited to blog the last couple of weeks, but I have simply not had the time! Here is a brief summary of what has been going on in the Edomms' world.

1. Family Staycation at The Great Wolf Lodge - The Edomms had a great time! I am so thankful that we didn't do a big trip and stayed close to home. Standby for a dedicated blog.
2. Andrew's new stats - We had his 4 month checkup! Standby for a dedicated blog.
3. Andrew gets sick - Last Monday thru Wednesday he was home with croup. It wasn't too bad; the highest his fever got was 100.8. He bounced right back!
4. Jacob gets sick - I got a call from daycare at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon that Jacob had a 101.8 fever. I immediately thought of Mary since we had just discussed the daycares calling late in the day about kids with fevers. I decided not to call the doctor because the baby bounced back so easily. Jacob kept a low grade fever (100-ish) until Saturday evening. He is finally feeling better and sleeping better.
5. Great weekend - We actually had a pretty nice weekend centered around the kids despite their not feeling up to par. We did some things around the house, and I actually took it easy and just played with the kids all weekend! Brian did the work around the house.
6. Brian gets sick - Monday night he started complaining that he just didn't feel right. Tuesday for his lunch break he went to his mom's to take a nap. He woke up at 4:00 and decided to pick up the kids from school. Tuesday night he had a 101 fever. He stayed home yesterday and slept all day. He's home again today. He says he feels a little better, and he was fever free yesterday (or so he told me).
7. Andrew's lips turn blue at daycare - WHAT?!?! Imagine that phone call. It went something like this, "I'm going to throw this out there, and do with it what you want. Andrew's lips have been turning blue off and on this morning. He's not cold, and he is as happy as he can be!" We were in the office for an hour and a half so that they could try to catch him in a blue-lipped moment. No such luck. So she gave me a prescription to give him for 5 days. The more I think about it, the more I think that he might have had a sleep apnea moment or something. To me, that's worse than an illness he could have! I have no control over his breathing in his sleep.

So that's been the last 2 weeks. I originally had a girls' nite planned for last Friday with my friend Cassie. Once Jacob got sick, we rescheduled for this Friday. After this week, I'm not cancelling at all! We are supposed to get pedicures and go to dinner.

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Mary Holloway said...

Wow...you need like a whole weekend in Vegas or something.