I went to a little Meet the Teacher thing for Jacob's class last night. I'm very excited about this school year for him! His teacher is very sweet, young, and full of energy! She seems extremely passionate about this age group. Throughout the year they will be working with the kids to connect different concepts and communication skills. They also focus on potty training.

Jacob does not like change very much, so I stayed after the meeting to talk one-on-one with Ms. Little. She said he is doing well and participating in class, and he loves to help her carry the art supplies! We must've chatted for 30 - 45 minutes after the meeting was over.

Andrew got a new teacher in his class. She is actually a teacher that Jacob had briefly a year or so ago. Andrew's old teacher, Ms. McDaniel, is now working in the office, and I found out last night that she spends some mornings in Jacob's room. She LOVED Andrew, and I could tell he loved her, too! I hope she still gets to sneak into the infant room for some cuddle time! :)

I have decided to change my work schedule so that I can grabe just a tad of down time. I just feel like I'm constantly running and running! So starting September 14, I will be off every Monday!! Brian is taking the kids out of the house on Sunday so that I can have a kid-free night and morning. I feel so relieved that there is a break in sight!

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A few Hicks said...

Congrats sis! I'm excited for your new schedule!