Happy Birthday To You

Jacob is starting to sing around the house. I love it! The other day he was singing "Happy Birthday." It was not anyone's birthday in the house. So we asked him whose birthday it was (assuming they sang it at school), and he replied, "my birthday." He also likes to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and play the guitar that we got with Rock Band. In fact, anytime we see a guitar in a store he asks to play "Twinkle Little Star." Last night he was singing "Three Blind Mice," but those are the only words he knows. Last night after we put him to bed I could hear him singing a song (and it sounded pretty good for a 2 year old!), but I could not figure out what song it was. So sweet!

Jacob is also saying a lot of things that we say. Here is a list:
"Right now"
"Andrew, you okay" (this is only when Andrew is crying and will not stop; he learned it from me in the car)
"Yes ma'am" (this is fairly new...he learned it at school)
"I need to go potty really/very badly" (again from me. I usually say this on the weekend morning when I'm flying solo with the kids)
"How your day?"
"Pretty good"

He is also quite expressive with his frustration these days. He will hit the table, couch, wall, or anything else in sight when he gets mad; usually this comes after we tell him no for something that he really wants to do. Rarely he will hit one of us or Andrew. His new thing is that he will roar at us. It's kind of funny outside of the moment. We'll put him in time out, and, again this is only when he's really mad, he will make the sound and say very loudly "RRROOOAAARRR!"

Right now he is very excited about his new shoes! He and Andrew both LOVE shoes! The new shoes are a great threat for Jacob right now. That will probably run out soon, but it's working pretty well for now. Andrew will reach and scoot to shoes and try to chew on them, but we catch him before he can actually put them in his mouth. Okay, he has actually made it to one of Jacob's shoes and I caught him chewing on it. When Brian asked me how long he was chewing on it, I calmly replied "I don't know." The second child is treated so differently from the first!

One out of the two teeth that were about to break the gums in Andrew's mouth has come in. I really need to take a picture before they come in too much. His smile looks so funny right now! He does not have his front teeth (but one has broken the gums), but he has the next two teeth. I wish they had been in for Halloween because it looks a little vampire-ish. Then he has one bottom tooth, and a second has broken the gums. He was very interested in Jacob's books last night. It was amazing to watch! He would pull himself up on the book basket and pull them out. Then he would promptly put them in his mouth! I was trying to read a story to both boys last night, and Andrew started reaching for the book and was touching the pages. So then Jacob told me he wanted to touch the book. They were both so into the book (but I'm sure they did not hear the story...or the part I actually got to read). Andrew is now eating sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, green beans, and peas. He has had some banana, but we wanted to make sure he would eat vegetables before we make it a regular food for him.

In other news, work is GREAT with the new boss! I love it and look forward to going every single day! Life is good!


Poppa said...

But your old boss wasn't too bad either, right? It's so nice to catch up on what the boys are doing these days. They sound adorable, and I loved their Halloween costumes.


Poppa said...
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A few Hicks said...

What a treat! I go to the blogs to see who has updated and there are updates from you, Lynette and Mary!! So fun!

Jacob and Derek are a lot alike. I'm pretty sure the only words Derek knows to "Three Blind Mice" are those 3 words; and when I put him in timeout, he also responds with "ROOOOOARR!" Kids...

Cassie said...

yay Jacob is a singer!!!! lol