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I've actually been super busy since we got back from California.  I post most of life's goings-on on Facebook because its so easy.  However, there is one thing I haven't posted much about at all.  That would be my new awesome part-time gig at work! 

I told Steve that I wanted to go part-time so that when Jacob is done at school, he can come home instead of going to daycare for a couple of hours.  Another motivator is that the family business is kind of in limbo right now - we have too many people in our office and the owners are having some difficulty coming to a good solution to the problem and for them to start easing out of the day-to-day workings of Astro.  I totally understand that,'s a lot to figure out!  So I'm kind of seizing the opportunity.  I can stay involved with the business, which is a business I love dearly!  I hope I make my grandfather proud each day I'm working up there.  He is my inspiration - no doubt!  But I can also do more for my family, too!  Brian is ecstatic!  If you know him, you know he doesn't get too excited about too many things.  And I feel like I'm living the dream now - I get to go to work and have something that is only my world; and then I get to do crafty things and productive things around our home. 

Training has been interesting.  I've been the only person in our office for almost three years.  We had another assistant in the office while I was out for my surgery last year; that lasted about 3 months.  So I have a specific way I do things.  I have tried to simplify that process for training purposes, but there are so many unusual things that can pop up during the process.  It is maddening!  I seriously wanted to hit myself while I was thinking about all of those things and thinking about teaching someone all of that crap!  lol!  It has all worked out pretty nicely, though.  The new girl is responsible for answering the phones in the afternoons (her schedule is 12-4:30; mine is 7:30-12:30), and pushing through all of the daily paperwork and data entry.  It keeps her busy the entire time she is there, and it used to eat my entire day because of all of the other office things that need attention at any given time.  She came on board right before the California trip - literally two days.  ha!  Poor girl, but she was a great sport through it all! 

I looked up one day and realized I had some vacation days I needed to use.  So I took 5 days over two weeks in July.  That was awesome, too!  I got several things done around the house, and I played a little, too.  I mean, they were vacation days.  But in doing that, we did not get the real feel of the logistics of the office until my new schedule went live three weeks ago.  And I feel like it is all working out really well! 

For my first week, I was really excited and gung-ho about getting some stuff done.  I had a few habits to break first.  One, don't go home and take a little snooze.  It's hard to wake up and get moving from that.  Second, actually make a plan and a list of things to accomplish.  And three, communicate the plan to Brian.  Now, Brian has been wonderful through all of this!  But, rightly so, he expects the house to be in better shape overall and for the workings of the house to be more smooth.  I get it!  But it has literally taken me 3 weeks to give that to him.  I usually start Mondays wtih a bang!  I'm ready to get everything done on my list, and I'm full of energy until I finally just fall over.  But then I'm kind of over it the rest of the week.  My second week, I spent that "over it" time doing crafts for the boys' room.  They are completely into superheroes right now, and I have lots of cute ideas that I want to do before they are over superheroes.  They probably don't even care that much about what I've done, but I'm having a blast doing it!  Last week I finally worked on what Brian wanted and has wanted for a while - clean out the garage.  I've been putting it off because its been a hot summer.  Things have cooled off, and I wanted to start getting the boys a little earlier from school.  The problem is that I would get side-tracked doing something, then try to squeeze in something else, and I got them home only an hour earlier. 

Tomorrow real life sets in.  Jacob starts Kindergarten, and my carefree afternoons will end around 2:45 when I leave to get Jacob.  And, if I've learned anything about having two kids, is that they are much easier to handle when they are together.  So that means after I get Jacob, I'll head out to get Andrew.  Let's see how much I can get done from now on.  :)

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