Andrew Coos

I took this video of Andrew over the weekend. I have a hard time catching him with a smile when I'm taking pictures, but he performed like a champ on video!

He is doing so well at school! He loves the bounce chair and he is very curious about his new surroundings. The down side is that he is so ready to be with Mommy at night that he cries the entire way home. The first night, he just wanted to be held all evening. Yesterday he played in the floor while Jacob made me a nervous wreck while he ran around.

Jacob had wheel day at school yesterday. Mrs. Miller said he loved his little truck that we sent in. She called me yesterday to catch me up on the summer activities, and she went on and on about how wonderful Jacob is. I'm so happy he can put on such an act for his teachers at school. I'm kidding!

Jacob does not like white noise. He is scared of the vacuum, blender, food processor, and even the fan in the bathroom. While we were at Costco, we saw a giant vacuum (it looked like a zamboni or something). He was fascinated with it and did not have a break down, but in the checkout line he told me that the giant vacuum hurt his tummy and arm. I'm not sure where the arm came from, but his tummy probably hurt because he was feeling anxious. So I told Brian the story, and he decided to do a little vacuuming Sunday evening (right before Aunt Megs was coming over). So, of course, Jacob totally freaks out. Brian is so patient with him! It probably took about 20 minutes before Jacob was calm enough to touch the vacuum. Brian ended up holding Jacob's hand on the little handle to help Jacob get over his fear. Jacob did not talk about any vacuums all day Monday. But this morning he woke up talking about how Daddy got the vacuum out and it hurt Jacob's arm and tummy. This kid does not forget anything!

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