A Few Stories

I was so exhausted last night after work that I did not touch my computer to update the pictures. I have my camera with me today, so maybe I will have a chance to at least get them onto the computer.

I thought of a couple of stories to share about the boys.

Andrew update: Have I mentioned that he is the best baby?!?! We had his checkup last week, and he was 12 lbs 9.75 oz (74th percentile) and 23.5 inches long (66th percentile). He is such a chunk! He is pretty happy most of the time and extremely relaxed. He averages 5-6 hours of sleep at night (9:00 - 3:00 or 4:00). He eats every 2-3 hours. He has been cooing and smiling at us for a while now. He coos differently to Brian than he does to me. I think he really likes Jacob, too! Jacob thinks Andrew is the funniest little thing. I think he giggles at every noise Andrew makes.

Jacob update: A few weeks ago you needed a translator to understand what Jacob was saying. It's not like that much anymore! He is starting to speak so well and in sentences. He loves to "cogor" (color), watch tractors, read his books, and recently he has become even more fascinated with letters and counting. He has learned how to spell his name and Mommy. We are working on Daddy and his own middle name. He has learned that his full name is "Kakob Ellis Dedomm" (he makes a K noise for his J's). He loves to count! He has also learned recently about the naughty stool and does not like it! It works, though! And we had to do it Super Nanny style in the beginning. It took about 45 min. for him to get it the first time; 30 min. after that; and now he doesn't get up and run around.

It turns out that Andrew is quite the bully, too! (Forgive me if I have already posted the following story). One morning, Jacob and Andrew were on our bed. Jacob picked up Andrew's hand and brought it to his own mouth. I thought he was kissing Andrew's hand. Then he puts down Andrew's hand, points to his mouth, and says, "hurt, hurt." I handled it very well in the moment and did not laugh at him, but I giggled about it all day!

Over the weekend, I was cooking some biscuits and doing some laundry. Both boys were in the living room, and I hear Jacob say, "Angoo Kakob hurt knee." So I ask him, "Did Andrew hurt Jacob's knee?" He tells me yes. So then I apologize for Andrew (I did not witness anything and I want to make sure Jacob feels like he is heard when he complains), and I explained that Andrew cannot control his movements right now. Then about 10 minutes later Jacob runs to me in the laundry room and says, "Angoo Kakob books." I ask him if he wants to read his books to Andrew; no response (which means no). Then I ask if Andrew took his books, and he tells me yes. Okay, that's just ridiculous. So I told him, "No. Andrew did not take your books. Go play." Then I noticed Jacob was looking at his books next to Andrew. It was really cute!

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