Farm Boys

The last 2 weekends we spent in the country. I had scheduled with my brother and parents to visit my grandfather in Kaufman on Father's Day weekend. My brother and I were going to take our families so that Grandpa could see his great-grandsons. So I'm at work on the Friday before, and Jacob's school calls. He has a red eye, and it's getting more red as the day goes on. So I'm thinking it's pink eye. It turns out that he had a cold and the drainage was coming out of his eye. So since he was contagious, he and Brian did not get to go to the farm. I was so sad! Jacob is the only one who actually cares about the farm! Andrew and I went and had a great time! My grandfather LOVED meeting him! My uncle Russell was so sweet to Andrew, too! He has Downs Syndrome, so I just try to keep an eye on him around the kids. We don't go down that often, and I just forget that he is the sweetest person! He would straighten the blanket for Andrew, and I even saw him patting his little belly. He was just so sweet!

Then last weekend we heard there was going to be some hay bailing going on in Red Oak! Jacob is all about tractors and hay right now! I don't know how long it will last, so we decided that we were going to go watch Papa bail hay! Jacob just wanted to climb in and out of Papa's tractor on Friday night. Matthew was there, too, so they took turns riding the gator. The next morning, Jacob could not wait to get outside to watch Papa bail hay! It was really cute! He kept saying that he was going to ride with Papa and help him, but he wouldn't get on the tractor when we got down to it. While Papa was bailing one pasture, Jacob got on the gator and started picking up his own hay. He played very hard! We all had a really good time.

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