Back at Work

Good morning! I am back at work after 9 wonderful weeks off with my babies. I say babies, but Jacob still had to go to school while I stayed home with Andrew. I have a ton of pictures that I'm going to put into a slideshow.

Here is a quick summary of my leave time. I had cabin fever like crazy so the 2 weeks I was not allowed to drive felt like forever! I wanted to use the time off to get my house organized and ready for life with 2 kids and 2 working parents. I got some of it done, but not as much as I would have liked. We found a water leak in our house. So I spent a few days at my parents' house with the kiddos. It was nice to go to a familiar place, but there is no place like home with the kids. One day I took both kids to visit Big Gaga and we met Amy and her 2 girls over there. We had so much fun! The kids played really well together! Then we had Matthew's birthday party at Pump It Up! It is a place with these giant bounce houses, and Jacob loved it! Then both boys were sick. Jacob just had the crud, but Andrew got an ear infection. What?!?! 7 weeks old with an ear infection! He seems to be doing much better now. And then it all ended with the passing of Brian's grandfather. He had been sick since the beginning of the year. He will be missed so much! I am sad that he is the second great-grandparent that my kids have lost this year.

I'm taking my computer home tonight to work on the pictures. I cannot wait for everyone to see them!

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