Facebook Friends

I am friends with the boys' teachers on Facebook. Brian and I are some of the younger parents at the school, and the teachers are only a few years younger than us. Plus, let's face it, they are awesome people! Brian didn't like it so much when I friended the teachers. Had I not friended them, I would've missed out on little nuggets like this:

"Andrew got to stay home with Mommy today because he threw up on her bed."

"You throw up in the toilet or on Daddy." (he shared this with his friends one day)

And this from Christmas: "Jacob is so excited about Christmas that EVERYTHING we do in class has to somehow relate to Santa and the North Pole. We were watching a Bookflix that had clouds in it and Jacob says, 'It's a snow slide in the North Pole!' One of the other boys, of course, corrected him and he just said, 'Maybe. But it's almost Christmas so it's NOT clouds. It's SNOW in the NORTH POLE for SANTA.' He was VERY serious."

In other news, it is friggin' cold here. I am not a fan! Last week I rocked on my resolutions, and this week I'm back to just living in chaos. I'd like to blame the weather because it's really got me in a weird and very unpleasant mood. I'm not sleeping well; I don't want to get up in the morning (which means I drag in a few minutes late....every day for work); and I'm completely unmotivated to do much around the house. I've planned a little girl time this weekend with my friend, Cassie, so hopefully that will pull me out of the funk. Oh yeah...and if Andrew would just get well and stay that way, it'd help. :)

Here are a couple of pictures of the boys at ICE at the Gaylord. (okay...Andrew at ICE. Blogger is messing up and won't let me add another picture)

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