Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend was more eventful than usual, and it was great! On Saturday I went to the grocery store with Andrew, and Brian and Jacob went to Home Depot. I bought all of the goodies to make more deceptively delicious meals. This week's menu consists of Chicken Parmesan (with spinach and carrots), Honey Mustard Chicken (sweet potatoes), Lo Mein (sweet potatoes), and later in the week I'll make Orange Chicken (I think this also has sweet potatoes). The recipes are really easy to make, and you don't need to go out and buy a lot of weird ingredients that you'll never use again. I love it! Best Christmas gift by far! At Home Depot, Brian picked out some paint samples for our room (YAY! Painting is on my list for 2011) and some light fixtures for the house. You know, fixtures that we actually like. :)

So after I returned home, I made Andrew some lunch (standard chicken nuggets....my kids live on them over the weekend). Then I started a load of laundry. After I started the laundry I started gathering trash. On my way to put a bag in the garage, I thought I heard some noise as I was walking through the utility room. What?!?! That sounded like crackling under my feet. Why would there be cr...ack....ling.....OMG!!! WATER EVERYWHERE!!! Sure enough, here comes Andrew running after me. He runs into the utility room (of course he was wearing pants that were too long for his short little legs), and he ran right back out when I told him to get out. Then he looked up at me and kind of fussed, "Feet! Feet!" So I turned off the washer, took his pants off, and locked him out of the kitchen. Then I called Brian to tell him that they need to come into the house through the front door because our pipes were frozen. Clean up begins, and I'm mad because it is above 40 degrees, so there is no reason our pipes should be frozen. In about 15-20 minutes, Brian and Jacob get home. Brian kind of creeps around the corner of the kitchen island, and he says, "I think I know what happened." He goes on to explain that he thought I might do laundry while the pipes were actually frozen earlier in the week. So he took out the drain tube to put salt into the pipe and forgot to put the tube back in the drain hole. The real news is that I did not fly off the handle when he told me. He helped me clean up the mess, and we were fine! Then he called his mom so that we could have a date night (it's been FOREVER!).

We went out with Cassie and Brian Saturday night. I cooked all day Sunday. We also managed to watch 2 movies. Great weekend!

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