Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! We spent New Year's Eve this year with the boys. It was so fun! Brian and I went out before we picked them up from school to get hats, noise makers, and some yummy snacks for our celebration. Andrew stayed up until 10:30, and Jacob stayed up until 11:00. And then they both slept in until 8 I think.

I thought the new year was going to bring a new blog, but man...it is a royal pain to set that up. So I've decided to stick with blogger. (Brian thinks I should switch to wordpress)

I've made some crazy resolutions for the new year. Basically it can all be wrapped up with saying that I would like to be more organized. I make this resolution every year, but this year I've actually made some changes in the way I approach things instead of just saying "I'd like to be more organized." Last week was great! Things flowed more smoothly at work and home. The tough part will be to keep it all up.

Brian bought the second edition of Deceptively Delicious for me for Christmas. I think it is by far the best gift I received! What you do is puree vegetables, freeze them in 1/4 and 1/2 Cup portions, and then use them to cook. The recipes are so simple, and every one has been a hit at the house!

Today I am home with Andrew for the first illness of the year. That didn't take long! His tummy was weird all weekend, and we could tell he didn't feel well. Then I wasn't feeling well yesterday or this morning, so I stayed home with him. We had great timing if you ask me. It snowed here yesterday (not even enough at our house for the boys to play in it), and then freezing drizzle hit this morning right before rush hour. So all of the roads have been in bad shape. I think we'll both be back to a normal schedule tomorrow!

Lastly, I am working on my Christmas blog. I have TONS of pictures. It was the best!

Here's to a happy new year for all and a full year of blogging for me!

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