They Live Among Us

Good Day Bloggers! I have literally been in bed for the last 4 days because I decided to have my tubes tied. They knocked me out for the surgery, and I had 4 days off from kids and house duties. You can't beat it! I feel almost 100% normal, and surgery was on Friday.

In other news, I've begun to follow this website, It helps you develop a FLIGHT plan to avoid CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). I'm still working on the first two steps: Shine Your Sink every night and Dress Down to your Shoes in the morning before you do ANYTHING else. It's fun and I recommend it. Sarah, my favorite sister, introduced me to the Fly Lady.

And lastly, what welcomes you back to reality better than a small crisis at home?!?! That's right, after having 4 days off (did I mention I was completely off mom and wife duty for 4 days?!?!), I had to completely clean out our pantry last night. We. Have. F*. Mice. YUCK! I guess it all started about 2 weeks ago when I heard some noises in the kitchen. I woke Brian early Saturday morning to investigate. At first he said it was a critter, and then he came back and said he thought it was the ice maker. phew! Then last week, about 2 days before surgery, he came home from work and shared that he was pretty sure it was a critter that we had heard the previous weekend. He thought he had seen a small black mouse running in the garage. great. Okay...we'll get some traps. Oh yeah, that surgery thing popped up, and mouse traps were the last things on our minds. So I was putting up a few things in the kitchen late yesterday afternoon, and I opened the pantry. On the bottom shelf, I noticed some black specks. Oh no. It can't be. Then I moved the flour that was beside the black specks (which was inside a freezer bag), and there was a hole chewed in the freezer bag and flour bag. Needless to say, flour was spread all over the shelf. And the evidence suggests we are housing more than one mouse.

So last night we set out some traps. Well, Andrew had accidentally made a mess on the floor with his dinner. It was Grandma Rose's lasagna. He really doesn't like to have a mess on his hands, so once he dropped his fork, he was done. Well, he's almost 2, so he's old enough to clean up his mess (with a small amount of help). Since it was messy, sticky lasagna, he absolutely refused. For like over 2 hours REFUSED! So Brian told him he would have to clean it up this morning before breakfast. We had a genius idea! Why don't we put a mouse trap in the middle of the lasagna mess?!?! Then we would be sure to catch a mouse, right? We could not have been more wrong. Apparently lasagna is much more tasty than peanut butter. So Andrew escaped from having to clean up his mess, and our little mouse friends had a nice little meal last night. You can find a positive in everything, right?!!?

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