They Live Among Us, Part 2

Still. No. Mice. I'm not going to lie. I wish we had caught one by now. It doesn't help that I was awake from 3:30-5:45 before I rolled out of bed this morning, and I heard commotion in the kitchen area. I was sure I would find that one of the traps had caught one. Oh well...we'll keep trying!

Jacob is obsessed with the mice. He keeps talking about the messy mouses and their stinky poop.

Last night the boys were role playing more of what they do at school. Mr. Alex comes once a week to sing songs and play instruments for the children. So Jacob got out his guitar, Andrew got his, and Jacob also gathered a bag full of toys. He sat down in the chair and said, "Now, do we make messes with the toys? Do we break the toys?" Of course, Brian and I answered yes to both questions. He's a little jokester, too, because he would just smile at us. Eventually Andrew sat down next to me and Brian and he would just clap his hands (with the beat!) as Jacob played songs.

That reminds me! So Andrew has been having time outs on the naughty stool since he moved into his big boy bed. He has done an extremely good job at sitting and not crying while he sits in time outs. Right now he only sits for one minute. Jacob, on the other hand, can easily turn a 3 minute time out into 45 minutes. Let me tell you, I cannot wait until he is bumped up to 4 minutes in April! Anyway, Andrew was in time out the other night, and I heard him start singing. He has such a low and rough little voice, but he would make his voice go high, too. It was so cute! The kid loves his music! He asks me almost daily to sing the itsy bitsy spider while we're sitting at the dinner table.

In other news, I have big dreams of making big changes in my life in 2011. I am not the most organized person in the world, but I am taking steps to become more organized (even if they are baby steps right now). I'm also trying to bring my lunch more days than I go out for lunch. That one hasn't gone so well, but I haven't been just terrible about it either. Anyway, at the beginning of the year I told myself that if I didn't bring my lunch that I'd eat something healthy. There is a Subway right around the corner from our office. I have been horrible about holding up my end of the deal where I eat something healthy if I go out....until today! And I must say, it wasn't bad!

Time to get busy at work. I'm squeezing in some blogging during the morning break and lunch breaks at work. I just need to get more pictures up here.

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