So I have finally put together the pictures from the end of my maternity leave!

We had a pretty good weekend (although as I type this I realize it was pretty uneventful). Friday night I picked up Jacob from school, and I thought we'd do something fun. I told him, "Mommy and Jacob are going to go eat pizza." He said, "Daddy Jacob pizza." So I called Brian, and the 3 of us went out. We left Andrew with Grandmother. After naps on Saturday, the 4 of us headed out to see Big Gaga. Jacob was so excited to see Gaga and Oscar. Jacob got to play with Seth while we were there, too! We went to the cemetery to visit Granddaddy when we were finished. He is buried in the DFW National Cemetery, and it is just beautiful out there! I took Jacob to Costco with me on Sunday, and Andrew got to go to Target with me. Then Aunt Megs came over Sunday night. Jacob had so much fun with her!

I had borrowed my sister's label maker so that I could label all of Andrew's bottles for daycare. I recruited Megan to help me since she was there, but it didn't last long. Just as we got enough bottles labeled for his big first day, the tape started acting up. No biggie...I'll get a new tape tomorrow, I thought, and finish tomorrow evening. Then I decided to do baths for the boys. I get everyone's gear ready, sit down next to the tub, turn it on and a small trickle comes out with a lot of air. Yep...our water was out. It turns out there was a water main break around my neighborhood and they expected to have it fixed between 3 and 5 a.m. the next morning. That meant that when I woke up at 5:00 I would know if we needed to go somewhere to take showers. No biggie.

Sure enough, no water yesterday morning. So I spend 2 hours (yes...2 flippin' hours) packing bags: Jacob's daycare bag, Andrew's daycare bag, my pump bag, my lunch, and my bag to get ready at Grandmother's house. I sent an email to work (which no one received because our server was down) and fed Andrew in the middle of all of that, too. Ugh! So naturally, I cry a little before I leave the house because Andrew started school yesterday. He was so happy and playing when I left which makes it 10 times harder to leave him! The rest of the day was wonderful!

The weekend before last, Andrew had his first poop incident. In the middle of a diaper change, he pooped everywhere...and I mean everywhere! It got all over the wall, changing table, package of wipes, and even in Jacob's clothes hamper. Jacob was sitting on his bed and watched the entire fiasco. Brian came in with latex gloves to help me clean which was really nice. So now when Jacob has a dirty diaper, he says, "Jacob poop everywhere!" And on Sunday night while Megs was there, Jacob took off his socks, put them on his hands, ran to his room and shouted, "Jacob poop everywhere!" He is starting to pretend now, and it is so much fun!


Cassie said...

Cute pics! I have been meaning to call and see how your first couple of weeks back at work has been. Hopefully good!

aichiba said...

Cute pics! I'm so sorry about your water - what a pain in the butt.

A few Hicks said...

Great pics sis! I love the shot of all the boys on the bed.

In the shot with Amy and her girls, I had to do a re-count. The babydoll threw me off!

Sorry about the label maker!